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Cut an uploaded image file into evenly sized pieces, ideal for creating grid/mosaic posts on Instagram in seconds
Simple, painless and fair Coub-downloader powered by KADAVIS MBL
Automatically generated screen capture timelapse videos of major hungarian online newspapers and propaganda sites every day
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Powered by KADAVIS

KADAVIS MBL lite edition

NEW: Dowload Coub Videos Like A Boss just by replacing "" with "" in the URL.

Simple, Painless & Fair Coub downloader - this is the BEST Coub downloader on the planet, because it's:

  • SIMPLE as 1*1: just paste the URL and press enter, wait some seconds, and done!
  • PAINLESS: it can detect looped and not looped Coubs, and muxes audio and video streams into one if the Coub isn't looped
  • PAINLESS: automatically resizes all coubs to 720p, so you don't have to give a f**k when you edit them
  • PAINLESS: automatically puts a black border to videos which were originally made by dumb AF people who can not understand that video is always horizontal
  • FAIR: automatically burns the author name, Coub title and URL to the bottom left corner so you can easily give credit to fellow Coub creators
  • FAIR: all of this is free and ad-free because I'm so generous

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